I would recommend changing the recommendation a little: 1. put season and episode before the title of the episode. The S is for the primary unit (you need at least one of these) and the X is for the expansion unit. Sure you can get the latest year which is going to have all the bells and whistles but you're gonna pay a premium. We got degraded volume warnings it seems one of the three disks fell out of the volume. And rest assured that your server will last. The great thing about buying a Synology NAS is that it comes with amazing software that allows you to back it up. Its safe to say it wont be my last. You cant stop others from attacking your server, Mike. It is at this point in time that I cannot really make any concrete suggestions because this is an entirely subjective decision based on how much storage you think you'll need and how many hard drives you're comfortable purchasing. You can also set up storage quotas for each shared folder and conveniently manage permission down to an individual sub-folder. That said, you need to learn how to use them from scratch. If you buy your hard drives from multiple retailers (say half from Newegg.com and half from Amazon.com) you'll likely get a bunch of hard drives that were manufactured at different times and maybe even in different factories. My personal opinion is that everyone should start with the Plus series and if it is two expensive then drop down to Value. We would use it to backup our MacBook Air. We synch them up via the internet for the photos and videos from projects, as well as synchronizing our time machine backups for offsite backup. That was likely caused by your adblocker, Gary. Install the WordPress package, and you can make your server host any site, including one like the one youre reading, locally or worldwide. Matching Recalcitrant Documentaries, TV Shows, Movies, Sports etc. Click Add, upload a ".zip" or ".tar" file from your computer, and name it. Actually Ive read this post twice and several more of your Synology posts. When it comes to NAS server, Synology is FAR ahead in the game. I that a default fault, or does the folder need to be reindexed? We often replace the drives after 3-5 years, no matter the condition. For years, Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) a proprietary flexible RAID configuration alone has made Synology servers superior to those from other vendors. In addition, it has only a USB 2 rather than USB 3 port for an external storage device so appears to be a false-economy overall. i have this labeling issue with bunch of TV Shows. These are said to have the best price/performance ratio. Devices with a 10GB Eth plugged into a 10/100 device (switch, PC, etc.) By adding supported IP cameras, you can turn your Synology server into a powerful surveillance system via the Surveillance Station app. Starting with DSM 7, these features include a free SSL certificate, making remote management a much better experience. Now, you know my answer. Im in the process of upgrading and again are assessing the two companies. It was great. Curious if others are experiencing this issue. For years, the only way to get Multi-Gig out of one is combining two ports (when available) into a 2Gbps Link Aggregation connection. () If you represent a company/product mentioned here, please use the contact page or a PR channel. Cause Video Station seem to be fetching the old info still, resulting to episodes not showing up in Video Station. Below I've pulled together what I believe are acceptable formats for TV Shows, Movies and also a Useful Tips section. have Unicode characters with 4 or more bytes. The former has a faster CPU, more RAM, and two 2.5GbE Multi-Gig ports, which help deliver significantly faster raw throughput speed than the latter. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Supports home folders for domain/LDAP users. Specify Geography You can get top-capacity HDDs and still have plenty of space. TV Show Naming There are also a few suffixes scattered about. A file or folder name on Synology NAS is displayed as something like 12HWA0~8 when accessed from a client computer via SMB. The most reductive way to describe a RAID would be that it allows you to combine multiple hard drives into a bigger one that provides protection for your data if one of those hard drives fails. The unofficial Synology forum for NAS owners and enthusiasts. But 2 Seagate is all bad sector found under Synology system, do you think WD is better than Seagate, or just I am unlucky? That is handy when you need to replace your server due to hardware issues or upgrade to a newer one. My servers play an essential role in my daily life and outdo my mobile phone in importance because of their apps. I am keen to know if you have any suggestions. The move means the servers are now much more powerful for general tasks. Personally I recommend a main folder per TV Show, a sub-folder for each season and individual episodes named via the emboldened format below (the login being that this structure can be browsed via a network or a search and still make sense): TV Show Name/Season 1/TV Show Name Episode Title S01E01.avi TV Show Name s01e01.avi TV Show Name s01e01-e02.avi TV Show Name 101.avi TV Show Name Season 1 Episode 1.avi TV Show Name Season 1 E01.avi TV Show Name/Season 1/01.avi TV Show Name/Season 1/s01e01.avi TV Show Name/Season 1/101.avi TV Show Name/Season 1/TV Show Name s01e01.avi TV Show Name/Season 1/TV Show Name 101.avi TV Show Name/Season 1/Episode 1.avi TV Show Name/Season 1/Season 1 Episode 1.avi TV Show Name Season 1/01.avi TV Show Name Season 1/s01e01.avi TV Show Name Season 1/101.avi TV Show Name Season 1/TV Show Name s01e01.avi TV Show Name Season 1/TV Show Name 101.avi TV Show Name Season 1/Episode 1.avi TV Show Name Season 1/Season 1 Episode 1.avi. As the Synology Media Server bases its indexing, cover images and descriptions on the filename of your movies and TV shows, its critical to get the format correct. All I can do is give you two pieces of advice that I think will help. In fact, with the Active Directory integration mentioned above, you can have a Windows Server-based advanced network without a separate server. Once you are sure your NAS is operating fine for a few weeks, then you can easily shut it down and upgrade the RAM. And thanks again. It just finished. When fitted with three or more disks, a Synology NAS will be able to tolerate one disk failing without the loss of any data and all you sacrifice is the capacity of a single hard disk. Dong, you helped me upgrade my Wi-Fi router so now Im thinking about an NAS. My original plan was to expand volumes across the two units and switch from SHR to SHR2, but now I am reading a lot about spanning volumes across two units being a bad idea. No doubt it is a well explained review about NAS server but my point here is that why someone prefer nas server on nas appliance. Here are the common detailed steps. As we have not formally heard Synology launch SRM 3 (in beta, provisionally or in RC), that likely means that the RT6600ax will arrive with the current fully-featured SRM software and services, with the newest version with enhanced network management, security, improved intuitive layout and enhanced mobile app soon afterwards. Of all the mesh brands, QNAP is the most similar to Synology, with much better hardware specs at the same price point. It seems like the perfect mix of what I need know and what I'll need in a few years. By the way, this post on how to conserve Internet bandwidth might apply to your situation. and our My observation is that over the years, Synology has slowly applied Apples playbook to the NAS world, including removing generic NAS-specific drives from its official supported lists they still work to coerse users into getting its approved alternatives at much higher costs. It may not display this or other websites correctly. And thanks for sharing your experience. We have seen in the past where a third-party drive maker has validated drives and then later updates their firmware without telling us so that their drives are no longer compatible. I dont use an Apple TV, Sid, but generally this is the best server Ive used and I so some 4K streaming too. You can now go to Synology's product list, filter by desktop form factor and your desired number of drive bays and see which series are available to you. JavaScript is disabled. Using latest Chrome on latest Windows build. But you can check on their status using the DSMs Storage app. Question about the NAS servers. Download Station is the best way to download anything from any source. But you cant have everything! These are designed to stream video over your network, and so have powerful transcoding engines to convert video on-the-fly into a format and resolution playable by the target device, whether its a tablet or a PC. This stands for DiskStation, and is the upright desktop box . I have link aggregation successfully configured on them and it uses the Lan1/Lan2 ports on router and shows as Bonded in the DSM. But backup is a matter of a daily thing, dont wait till something is broken to think about it. Any help would be great. To ensure this is possible, every member of the editorial staff follows a clear code of conduct. But in this case, the accessories can be pretty expensive. Specific servers also have a PCIe add-on slot to host a 10Gbps network adapter or SSD cache. If I got two 8-10 tb drives I would have plenty of room for the videos, backup and surveillance video. What makes the Plus series the sweet spot is that it typically has a fast enough CPU for enthusiasts with a decent amount of RAM that is upgradable. The aim is to have a single point of storage (the Synology DiskStation NAS), but two separate libraries - one one the Vero 4K with Kodi/thetvdb.com scraper, and one on . Well, for example, Synology DiskStation DS720+ will be able to meet our needs? Ive tried to put each story in a separate folder - within a folder called time slip, ive tried the original file naming convention (S01 . Id stick with ready-made servers, building a customized NAS is fun but troubleshooting can be daunting. Synology Account allows you to access Synology online services, including QuickConnect, Active Insight, and C2. The DVDs are Italian language with English subtitles. After that, download and install the Synology Drive Client desktop app on your computer. Youll have to buy additional (and transferable) ones at $60 a pop if you want to use more cameras. Furthermore, generally, Synology servers require Synology-approved hardware RAM, network cards, hard drives, SSDs, etc. Learn how your comment data is processed. We are not able to purchase a higher-end new NAS at this time so we will be keeping the 420j. I plan on getting one and going to use everything that you mentioned you use. The following are best practices for file naming. The naming of your TV Show folder is critical to ensure the scrapers can correctly identify the TV Show and its episodes.. TV Show Name (Year) - This is the correct naming format for the TV Show folder The TV Show folders are saved inside the Source folder; Adding the (Year) makes scraping more accurate and differentiates between . The DS15xx would have 5 bays in the unit, with the option to add up to 2 expansion units that each have 5 bays, for a total of 15 bays. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a07c348ca7236340828e8a0b5b359006" );document.getElementById("e141a2b30a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Sign me up for Dong Knows Tech's newsletter. You can also do that via the DS Cam mobile app. Or you can get the same model from two years ago that maybe doesn't have everything but it'll suit you just fine. More in this post on how to pick a server. Wi-Fi 6 client (Air M1) connected to XT8 node has 40-60MB write and 70-90MB read to/from the NAS. Timeslip - a children's series from the 70's - there was only a single series - with 4 different stories - each about 6 episodes long. Sync shared folders in real-time with another Rsync-compatible server all Synology servers support this to have another live copy of your data. Plus series is the more powerful one with Intel CPUs and more RAM. But the two brands are similar and vary from one model to another. This is accomplished easily with MakeMKV and using the following steps: Place the Blu-ray disc in the reader, and then open MakeMKV. Going back to the car analogy, the J series would be no different than buying a baseline Toyota Corolla. Back here at the office we use a 7 year old 12 Bay XS series Synology server with a 12 Bay add on chassis. For my needs a 2 bay system seems adequate, even with the limitations of RAID 1, but I know almost nothing about Synology NAS and have zero experience with them and I dont want to find out 6 months later that I should have bought bigger for non-obvious reasons I didnt know about. When migrating to Egnyte, Migration App offers the option to Sanitize these file names on the source so that they can be migrated. And heres how to do it: physically remove the internal drives from the old server and install them into the new server, preferably in the same order. We have about 3 tb of family home videos we want to share and send to our TV. On this front, heres Synologys official statement: [] We are steering away from transcoding on the NAS and do not have any current plans to include GPUs for transcoding purposes in the near future. They are great if youre into Linux. With that, heres an example of how to interpret a servers name: the DS1522+ is a 2022 desktop server that can house up to 15 drives and belongs to the Plus series. Oh wait, let's throw on the tinfoil hat for a moment. You get little in terms of hardware for your hard-earned dough. . But remember, I mentioned that this is where it gets a bit tricky. Bought a QNAP TVS series Performance was stellar and having Thunderbolt 3 connectivity was cool, along with 10GBaseT performance. Does Surveillance Station work better with more than 2 drives? My take is Synology has decided to exert more control over the hardware, and removing support for third-party USB dongles is part of the effort. https://www.synology.com/en-us/knowledgebase/DSM/help/VideoStation/category. I dont envision storage capacity issues, so the 923+ should be enough. My understanding is that Apple requires AFSP formatting on SSDs. Synologys latest NAS OS, the DSM 7, supports servers as old as the 2013 model year. None is successful and thats what that matters. Youll have another 3 or five years before you have to think about replacing them. It will leave you with no room for expansion and barely let you take advantage of the benefits of a Synology NAS. This should be descriptive and consistent throughout the organization. Founded in 2004, Trusted Reviews exists to give our readers thorough, unbiased and independent advice on what to buy. But no matter what Synology NAS you get, youll experience most of what I previewed above, if not all. Again, you can stream content when youre in the local network or out and about using QuickConnect. 3. If you anticipate wanting to find a file by date, then put the date first. Just a lot more headache. Having some weird issues with the scroll bar disappearing and my mouse up/down buttons not scrolliing the page either. In simple terms, a naming convention refers to a framework used for naming your files in a specific way. Like all things, Synology NAS servers are not perfect. If you have any problems with the API, view this thread here: https://www.themoviedb.org/talk/618ada421cfe3a002a4f89d1#619e4d03310325008f5c5d56. in certain cases failure of HW RAID controller may render even RAID 1 disks unusable. Maybe someone else can fill in the details that I'm not as familiar with. I admit to feeling frustrated that Synology still doesnt put 10Gbit on the motherboard and requires add in cards to get NVMe caching nor puts USB-C gen2 onboard, but I hope that the market will pull them that way. All Synology servers released in the past few years share a similar design. Our staff members must strive for honesty and accuracy in everything they do. In the future, there will likely be new supported dongles that are explicitly approved or manufactured by Synology. So addressing your comments heres the deal. You can keep using them. Even if a camera is not on the list, as long as it supports ONVIF, you can configure it to work with the Surveillance Station. But thanks to the stellar DSM operating system, you still pay for what you get in most cases. By the way, make sure you use one of its built-in LAN ports for this part. Finally, Synology makes a super-cheap se version of the two-bay DS216. Not sure if that is right. This page actually has some good information too. Required fields are marked *. If you want something that you can just set up once and count on for a long time, go with Synology. Its recommended that you (think of) replacing them every 3 or 5 years, depending on the type you use. This app works with a large number of IP cams on the market. With all the video and backup needs that a NAS will handle, having 10Gbit is fantastic so multiple users can use full 1Gbit connections. That vulnerability had been patched a long time before it was an issue. I just remember I felt in control of DSM and any of the synology apps I tried worked perfectly, whereas QTS has a few issues, including thumbnail generation that did all images on volume not just chosen folders and it did this in an endless loop even as far as ver 5.0.1 if I remember correctly. The Play has a dedicated transcoding chip as you mentioned, it works with DS Video, but the Plex package does not take advantage of it. But if you want to get the most out of network storage, Id recommend Synology. It has a fast Ryzen CPU, upgradable ECC RAM, and 8 drive bays. I'll do my best to describe most of it from what I know (after having done some research myself before buying a Synology a couple of years ago). Also, if you use two drives, you might want to use two SSDs since you will need to use them in RAID 1 (or SHR equivalent). RX (RackStation Expansion): This one is another expansion unit, but for an RS server. When I look at a server, say the DS920+, I know it has 5 bays. Help teach these 10 best practices and find some of your own that will make not just your life . We manage almost 30 Synology NAS servers. TV Show - It should follow the format: TV show name.SXX.EYY.ext. File names should: Be unique and consistently structured; Be persistent and not tied to anything that changes over time or location; Limit the character length to no more than 25-35 characters; Synology today released the DiskStation DS1823xs+, an 8-bay server with built-in 10Gbps Ethernet capability. Lastly the second set of numbers is the year in which that model was released. Thanks for the article. The Time Machine file format requirement only applies to external drives that plug directly into a MAC, its not applicable for a network storage device. Any file name that is changed is recorded in the Migration Job Report. Its a shadow copy feature that automatically saves a version of the servers data, by shared folder, on a schedule.

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